04 May
frozen chicken feet & paws, whole chiken - grade a processed  - product's photo
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Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws, Whole Chiken - Grade A Processed

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Company name
Product located
Spain, Aragon., Victoria
Brand name
Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws
Product features
Product status
Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws
Amount in the package
24 unit per carton
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
28 unit in the 20 DC cont. (33m³)
Quantity available
30000 unit per days
Shelf life
20 hours
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Chicken Breast Fillet Boneless, Skinless We supply best quality and meat comes from the best equipped slaughter houses in Canada that source chicken only from trusted farmers with qualified certifications Weight range Standard weight usually varies from 130 - 300 g per piece. Frozen Chicken Breast Fillet w/o Bone, w/o Skin Freezing Type IQF/ BQF Country of origin Canada Grade AAA, highest quality Weight range 130 - 300 g Packing Polyblock and then in carton Storage temp. -18 C Approved for EU Countries, HK, Vietnam, Africa Shelf life 12 months Contact us via whatsapp for more details whatsapp: +14242268036

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